Crossfit Training Taking Things To A New Level

Level Up With Crossfit

Are you bored with the same old gym exercises? Want to try something new? Something that is more intense, more varied and more dynamic?

Crossfit is definitely your answer!

This fastest growing strength and conditioning training has various vigorous workouts involving high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting and gymnastics plus a lot more. Crossfit enables you to become fit in every area of your game by pushing your body to its maximum, in order to prepare it for real life challenges. So, with Crossfit you not only exercise but also become functionally fit! Crossfit is for everyone. People from all spheres of life try it out. Nowadays, it has gained immense popularity amongst athletes like boxers, swimmers and runners, military personnel, policemen and even girls!. So, whether you are a man or a woman of any age or whether you come with an athletic background or not, Crossfit is for you, too.

Furthermore, Crossfit is different from working out in an average gym and has a customized approach to your unique fitness abilities and goals. Instead of overbuilt machines, you actually use your own body’s bio mechanics to achieve great results. Plus, those of you who Crossfit also have the privilege of becoming a part of the Crossfit community. Community is central to Crossfit, as it is always great to have people around you who understand your fitness goals and continue to motivate and encourage you to further step out of your safety zone. Crossfit values time; this is a major perk for all of us. Nowadays people like you and me rarely have time to focus on our own physical wellbeing and may find working out for hours in a gym rather time consuming. This is certainly one of the reasons why Crossfit is preferred –it saves time. It provides intense workouts of the day, which do the same job in twenty to forty five minutes than several hours in a gym would do. So, now along with work, family, and other commitments, you can also take care of your health and fitness.

In addition to the time saving factor, Crossfit is also more convenient and portable. You can either perform it at a gym under the supervision of an experienced coach or you can even do your own training at your very own home or perhaps anywhere with an Internet connection would work too. This is because a variety of workouts are posted daily on the internet with clear cut instructions manual and videos. So, whether you are a busy business man or a stay at home moms do not worry because Crossfit is everywhere. Crossfit takes less time and more intensity. In short, you are able to do as many activities as you can within the allotted time and burn more calories than before. Crossfit work out of the day also comes with the perks of improved cardio fitness, strength, endurance, stamina, speed, agility, balance and coordination. Thus, helping you adopt a better, healthier lifestyle and a more confident and determined personality too. So, if you want to shed weight or build muscles, Crossfit!

Building your own Garage Gym

Building your own crossfit gym takes a number of things but as pointed out in the video you really need the garage space before you can do anything so if you have it fantastic reading the next section will be helpful but if you don’t then I would suggest just joining a box in your area. I built my first home box 3 years ago mainly because the closest crossfit box was to far away at the time and I decided I couldn’t afford to build a swimming pool so I travel to the local pool and I workout at my home gym. When putting together your own home gym I would suggest going to the gym or box first for a few times and familiarize with the equipment then buy all the items over time secondhand e.g. ropes, balls, weights/bumpers, I have even managed to get brand new equipment from searching craigslist including running and rowing machines just keep looking every day and you will be surprised at how much is on the secondhand market.

Other Equipment

Buying the above equipment second hand is perfect for saving money and getting the items you want quite quickly but some things you need to buy new mainly for hygiene reasons he is my additions list and probably what you will need to buy brand new.

  • Gloves: Nothing like a decent pair of gloves I wouldn’t ever lift weights without them on I have seen people get badly injured because they didn’t buy a pair of gloves.
  • Shorts: My collection of shots is only surpassed by my even bigger collection of shoes I would say I probably have over 60 pairs of shorts just for crossfit workouts
  • Shoes: Over the past 3 years all my sneakers have been made by Reebok I love the nanos and the lifters I think if you have these two you are pretty much set with regards to crossfit.
  • Socks: A decent pair of socks are always required for any type of training, I personally sweat a lot and no more so than from my feet
  • Headgear: During the winter months in North America it gets dam cold, did you know you can lose up to 60% of your body heat just from your head alone!
  • T Shirts: I take 3 T shirts to every workout session they are very important

It is all about variety. Every Workout is different and consists of jumps, squats, lifting, pulling ropes, flipping tires, and sprinting. This more variety means a new challenge every day and having a new challenge every day means less chances of boredom. This multidimensional factor of Crossfit makes it even more interesting. These varied activities also mean that you do not only work out on a specialised body part but on your whole body strength. In Crossfit, you would not be just bulking upper arms, toning abs, or strengthening legs, you would instead be conditioning, strengthening, and exercising your whole body. So, no separate exercises are required for your arms, legs and abs; you can tone your figure with CrossFit’s all in one exercises.

So, before you Crossfit, you should know what to expect in your first CrossFit workout.

It would not be easy -definitely not the first time. It will require all your effort and you should be prepared to do things you have not done before. Indeed, Crossfit prepares you for all round real life challenges. Plus you would not even know what comes next; you will try new workouts all the time. Every day would be a new Crossfit day. If you are planning to attend a Crossfit gym, you will meet people from every box of life and they will do incredible super hero stuff in front of you – just do not get intimidated; the Crossfit community is very welcoming and friendly. In addition to all this, you should also expect to find yourself most probably sore the next day or perhaps for multiple days, but do not worry it would not be for long. Just remember to rest well, eat proteins and answer every new challenge with a smirk!

How Crossfit Athletes Prepare for a 5K Race

Once you’ve been bitten by the running bug, you can’t wait for your next challenge! For some, it might be shedding an extra five pounds, adding another mile to your weekly log, or training for your first 5K. If training for a 5K is your next challenge, then lace up your shoes and get ready to run!

Why a 5K?

A 5K race is a fun introduction to the racing arena. It’s easy to train for and it appeals to all different fitness levels. The comfortable 3.1 mile distance is manageable and safe which makes it popular among newbie runners and hardcore crossfit athletes as well because in reality running is only a small part of our training so a 5k race is perfect.

Check out these top tips from the coach

Selecting a Plan
There are several programs available for runners that range in difficulty from new, to intermediate, to advanced. It’s a good idea to follow an expert approved training program to help you get ready for your first 5K. Picking the program that will work for you depends on your running experience and fitness level.
One of the easiest programs out there combines a warm-up, walking and running, and a cool down. The only real requirement is that you should be able to walk, at a conversational pace, for 20 minutes. This is a perfect plan for people with little running experience.
However, if you engage in other types of physical exercise other than running and have some running experience, you’re probably ready for something a little more challenging!

To get an idea of how these different training programs are structured, start by reading some of the periodicals on the market that feature these programs. Here are some of the popular magazines that you can find in supermarkets or bookstores that include easy 5K training programs: Women’s Running Magazine, Runner’s World Magazine, and Running Times Magazine. Check your local library for back issues if you can’t find a 5K training article in a current issue.

Invest in Good Sneakers
Now is the time to get rid of those old worn out tennis shoes, and invest in a pair of real running sneakers. Don’t rely on large sporting good stores for support in buying running sneakers. Seek out a specialty running online store, so you can get meaningful and individualized advice. Expect to spend around $80 for a good pair of running sneakers; it’s money well spent.

Finding a 5K Race
You made the decision to train for a 5K, you’ve picked out the training program that’s right for your fitness level, and you bought new running shoes! Now what! Well, this is the fun part because there are probably several 5K races happening nearby. All you have to do is find the race that appeals to you.
Check out these websites and resources for more 5K race information:

● Visit a running specialty store because often times they display brochures or flyers advertising races around town.
● Pick up a local magazine on the street that features events, including sports, in your town; these are usually free.
● Conduct an Internet search for 5k races in your city or town.
● Check out Runner’s World Magazine online and use their race finder feature:
● Check out as they list road races in various neighborhoods throughout the country.
● Cool – Another great website for locating race information
Road Race Runner – Very popular for finding race information

After crossing the finish line of a 5K, you just might get bitten by the racing bug, and your next big challenge will be a 10K!

Crossfit Weight Training Advice

Want to be strong and fit like Hercules?

We know that a lot of you desire an amazingly toned frame and a strong built. Trust me; with Crossfit even your life-long dream of winning a bodybuilding competition can come true. But, all you need to do is Crossfit and add on muscles to your body.

Crossfit weight lifting versus traditional weight lifting

Some of you may prefer the traditional weight training, whereas others may be more eager to follow the more intense and structured Crossfit program. And then there would be many who are in a dilemma: still are weighing up the pros and cons of both of these training methods.

While CrossFit and traditional weight training share some similarities –both can definitely burn calories-, they still continue to differ in terms of the goals set, equipment used and the duration and intensity of the workout.


Let’s consider, traditional weight training first. It involves an effective 30 to 60+ minutes long workout, carried out in a typical gym setting using weights that vary from 5 pound dumbbells to barbells weighing up to 200 pounds or more. You are also required follow a strict protocol of reps, sets, rest, and tempo for each exercise.

Conversely, CrossFit is a lot more intense but lasts for a shorter time period. It makes use of a wider variety of equipment such as ropes, sandbags, kettlebells, free weights, giant medicine balls, tractor tires, plyo boxes and even your own body weight. In addition to this, CrossFit also prides itself on having a greater sense of community. There is encouragement, camaraderie and friendly competition at the gym which takes your workout to a whole new level.


The intense form of Crossfit weight training not only reduces fat but also has long-term effects on your metabolism. Research shows that participants undergoing resistance training increased their caloric demands over a 24-hour period by 15 percent. Being strong has never gone out of style. Crossfit Weight training allows you to become far stronger than the average gym-goer. You build muscle mass which not only adds a pleasing shape to our otherwise skinny physique, but also can be useful in sports like football and hockey.

Bone mass and density tend to decline with age. Crossfit weight training programme places a controlled stress on your bones that will increase their mass and density and as a result also help you in combating osteoporosis: a medical condition characterized by fragile bones, falls and fractures.

The Olympic lifts form a big part of CrossFit Weight training. Two Olympic moves: the snatch and the clean & jerk, take your whole body through a maximum range of motions and yields excellent results by employing all your muscles. The Olympic big lifts are more technical, fast & dynamic; they aim for greater and functional strength.  They also address and train all ten of the following skills: cardiovascular with respiratory maximum endurance, stamina, flexibility, more strength, bigger power, increase in speed, hand and eye coordination, with better agility, accuracy & balance. Furthermore, they are also unique in their ability to create muscular & neurological adaptation by hard training sessions people to effectively activate additional muscle-fibres quicker than through any other training types. So when athletes can generate more force and focus, plus also are more neuro-muscularly efficient, they will use less energy to complete each task required of them during competition and will have greater chances to succeed.

Confidence can make or break a person. It is especially essential for athletes, as it helps them in succeeding in any endeavour that they take on. With Crossfit weight training, you not only become fit physically but also develop mentally. The Crossfit WODs requires sacrifice, discipline and determination –all these skills are essential in both athletic and daily life.

Try out these WODs

  1. Clean and Jerk: In the clean, a barbell is explosively lifted from the ground to the shoulders. In another dynamic motion -the jerk- the athlete drives the bar from shoulder to overhead, ending in a standing position; the bar being directly overhead. The clean is one of the best ways to acquire the skill sets of an athlete, as it improves your reaction time, vertical jump, and sprint performance. It also allows you to strengthen many of the body’s connective tissues, reduce the likelihood of injuries and improves the body’s flexibility for sports like football, martial arts and rugby.
  2. Triceps dip: Support yourself on shoulder-width handholds with straight arms, bend the elbows to a 90-degree angle and then straighten arms.
  3. Pull up: You will have to start from a hanging position and then pull your chin up over the handhold using your upper body. Gymnastics rings or weights can also be used for this.
  4. Squat: With a barbell resting on the shoulders, you would need to bend at the knees and sink into a sitting position; then also straighten back up.
  5. Snatch: You bring the weight from the ground up while dropping into an overhead squat position and then rising. It can also be done with dumbbells and kettlebell.
  6. Bench press: From a laying position on a bench, you would have to use your arms to raise and lower a barbell from your chest.

My top 5 CrossFit training workouts

All Crossfit work outs come with challenges and intensities: some more than others. But, perhaps this is what makes Crossfit more special, interesting and varied than the normal exercises done in a gym.

There are numerous work outs that are available on the internet; they are updated daily along with feedback from famous trainers.  Obviously everyone has their favorites –workouts that they find the most effective or the most intense. It is hard to determine which is the best or the top one, so everyone decides to go for the one that suits them or dares them, the most.

Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Grace

Have you met Grace? It is one of the Benchmark Girls of Crossfit. It is one of the Crossfit benchmark ‘Girl’ WODs, which helps you measure your performance and improvement. It basically involves 30 Clean and Jerks, done as fast as safely possible. These two are very difficult yet effective exercises and are part of the Olympic lift.

Let’s consider these two distinct moves separately now. Clean is done by simply doing front squats with the bar in your hands, while your elbows are pointed forward. Make sure that your elbows are on your shoulder level. Conversely, Jerks involves standing with your feet at shoulder width and then dipping at your knees. After this you can finally hold the bar above your head.  Both Clean and Jerk require great speed, coordination, power, strength and flexibility. These Olympic lifts use all the muscles in your body and then stabilize and strengthen them. Furthermore, these Olympic lifts can also help in the prevention of osteoporosis.

So, before trying out Grace, make sure that you are prepared for its high intensity. Fellows all you need to do is stay focused and not hesitate –hesitation is definitely a killer.

  1. Filthy 50

Want intensity? Try out the Filthy 50. It is totally brutal! One round includes 50 x of each reps of ten different exercises and you need to complete as fast as you can.

These ten different exercise are 50 Box jump on a 24″ box, 50 x Jump pull-ups, 50 x Kettle-bell swings,50 x Burpees and 5 x double under’s,  50 steps, 50 x Knees – elbows, 50 x Push-press with 45 x pounds, 50 x Back-extensions, 50 x Wall ball shots with 20 x pound ball. The Challenge is twenty five minutes. Seems intense; no?

With Box Jump you jump with legs together onto a 24″ box, with a

Jumping Pull-up you perform a pull-up along with an initial jump, with Kettlebell Swings you perform a dead lift position, while thrusting the kettlebell forward and upward and with Double Unders you jump the rope twice before touching the ground.  So, in short this work-out does an excellent job by making you good at literally everything.


  1. Angie

This is a basic Crossfit Work out of the day that consists of common calisthenics: 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 air squats and 100 sit ups. If you are new to Crossfit, you will find Angie very easy to understand and follow. Even though, it is preferred due to its simplicity, the rep scheme is still tough and intense. Another plus is that Angie requires minimal equipment –a pull up bar and enough space would do -and it can also be done anywhere. Angie would prove to be a benchmark workout for you as it will help you test your overall fitness: your strength, power, and muscular and metabolic endurance.

  1. Fran

It is considered as THE benchmark work out and is rather short compared to others. But, being shorter does not mean that it is any less intense; it certainly requires a great deal of speed and stamina. Fran consists of three rounds with 21-15-9 repeats of 100-pound barbell thrusters and pull-ups, with in time. This combination of the thrusters and the pull-ups is ideal as it focuses on all major muscle groups –fulfilling each another’s short coming. This WOD can also be customised to your own ability by for instance varying the weights. So give it a shot by doing 21 Barbell Thrusters, 21 Pull-ups, 15 Barbell Thrusters, 15 Pull-ups, 9 Barbell Thrusters and 9 Pull-Ups

  1. The Ryan

Ryan consists of five rounds that should be completed as quick as possible. Every round has 7 Muscle up’s and 21 Burpees in it. This work-out is called the Ryan after the Missouri fire fighter and CrossFit athlete Ryan Hummert: who was unfortunately killed responding to a call-out. The combination of muscle ups and Burpees is excellent. The Muscle ups give you a complete upper body exercise by working on your lats, traps, rhomboids, biceps, forearms, chest, triceps and your core. On the other hand, Burpees can be done anywhere. They help in building and strengthening your muscles, increasing flexibility, losing fat and improving your metabolism.

Why Swimming and Crossfit are a Good Combination

Although, Crossfit is popular due to its traditional use -increasing an average person’s physical preparedness for whatever life throws at him or her- but what we are missing here is that one can also use it for sport specific training.

Nowadays, swimming has earned its historic reputation as an endurance sport. This is depicted by the fact that many swimmers, whether they are amateurs or professional ones, have welcomed Crossfit in to their training.  This incorporation of CrossFit fundamentals with sport-specific movements has certainly brought variety in to a swimmer’s training programme and as a result has also improved his or her overall performance.

Let’s just see why swimming and Crossfit are such a good combination?

Water has power! It creates friction and implies continuous pressure on your body, which certainly requires great propulsion to overcome. This is where Crossfit steps in, enabling you to refine your technique, endurance and speed, in order to help you achieve mastery in swimming.

Believe it or not, when you have been doing swimming for months, the water resistance eventually starts to fail in providing enough of a stimulus to challenge your muscles and develop their strength. At that point, Crossfit training can be used to enhance your muscle strength, cardiorespiratory endurance and flexibility.


As, you know swimming requires muscular strength in order to perform repeated submaximal contractions and propel your body forward. Crossfit aids in this process by focusing on the key muscles you use while you are swimming. Those muscles include your lats, pectorals, shoulders, quadriceps and hamstrings.  Furthermore, due to a lot of repetitive motions in swimming, there is also an increased chance of injury for your muscles and joints. But, by combining swimming and Crossfit training you can give your muscles time to rest; plus also alleviate the boredom of always doing the same thing. On the other hand, you can also complement swimming with Crossfit rather than the other way around –a nice swim after a tough weight training workout can definitely help you loosen your muscles.

In addition to this, Crossfit also helps in sufficient cardiovascular development and respiratory endurance. You are able to master the skill of timed breathing and can ensure an increased oxygen delivery to all the working muscles throughout the swim.

Mental toughness is another essential aspect of swimming. Mental energy is extremely essential for keeping focus and maintaining perfect technique and stability in the water. Crossfit believes in the mantra of setting targets and pushing past them, which explains its immense contribution towards building up the mental toughness that is required by a swimmer. In short, Crossfit instils you with confidence and determination, which will serve as a great asset when you are in the water, all exhausted.

CrossFit exercises you can do to become a competitive swimmer

  1. Kipping Pull Up

With the rise of Crossfit, the kipping pull-up movement has also popularized. It is an effective core-to-extremity movement for developing athletes, especially swimmers as it most resembles a full swimming stroke. Kipping pull ups not only involve building upper body strength, but also creating a careful rhythmic coordination of all muscles, including midline and lower body. Those of you who are able to perfect this kipping pull up will have terrific core control, midline stabilization and great downward and upward kick. Did you know that it was the upward kick which enabled the great Misty Hyman to conquer the Olympic Gold medal in the 200m butterfly at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

  1. The Turkish Get Up

Swimming involves constant shoulder rotation, proving that shoulder strength is a must for swimmers. The Turkish get up specifically works on the shoulders. This highly functional movement requires you to get up from a horizontal lying position on the floor to a standing upright one, while also holding a weight overhead. This certainly calls for all the muscles of the body to work together! You can even perform it with a kettlebell to achieve greater shoulder flexibility and stability. Remember it will be hard and intense, but extremely fruitful too.

  1.  The Hang Power Clean

The Hang Power Clean also closely resembles a swimming stroke and can be very valuable part of the strength and conditioning program of a swimmer. This compound movement recruits multiple muscle groups to work simultaneously in moving the barbell from the high hang position to shoulder level in a dynamic and explosive manner. You can even combine it with kipping pull up, if you want to resemble a full swimming stroke!

There are other numerous, varied movements that you can try out. They all have a direct correlation to an aspect of swimming and can help you become faster, better and more efficient in the pool. So, before you find yourself immersed in H2O, Crossfit!